Mobile Phones And Its Impact On Society Essay

1329 Words Jun 23rd, 2016 6 Pages
Mobile phones have brought a revitalising dynamic to the sociality of the youth, but its introduction has its implications. These implications range from good and bad – the predominance of which is dependent on the user’s habits in regards to usage. As the technological progression of mobile phone’s has bequeathed a product that is now capable of being used outside the realm of telecommunications, and as a result, it’s usage has inclined. Research conducted by PIR (Pew Internet Research) in 2014 corroborates this by stating that mobile phone ownership amongst teens is now 75%, up from 45% in 2004. [1] This implies that the mobile phone has become more commercially viable. This could be pinpointed to it being able to do more than just texting and calling. With the implementation of better cameras, mobile broadband, a broad range of applications, and increased gaming capabilities being introduced into newer models. However, this increase in capabilities, likely results in a larger dependency, and length of usage. Thus, the investigating the implications on health, social interactions, behaviour amongst the youth is as more essential than ever.

A shift in the norms of social interactions amongst youth can be linked to the mobile phone. As the mobile phone has essentially become an extension of their social lives, allowing social communication with anyone from their social network, from any location. This has been further increased via the implementation of mobile broadband…

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