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Spinsterhood: a Choice or a Matter of Destiny?
By Omar Bihmidine

Spinsterhood is looked upon as a nightmare for all women. At any point in her life, no sane woman has ever thought of living her whole life as a spinster. Society in its turn mercilessly deems it a shame, while women falling prey to it continue to suffer from a life-long bout of desperation. In silence, desperate, unmarried women groan out of their failure to find a man of their dreams, if not any man.

In the face of this destiny, they do not know whether they are to blame for something they haven’t brought about or it is a destined curse they will only have to bear for the rest of their lives. At other times, our culture treats spinsters differently from bachelors
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I still vividly remember that many excellent female students dropped out of school at age 15 just because a suitor knocked their doors.

When you ask the parents about this early marriage, they respond saying that ” their daughters getting married is better than facing singlehood in the future and therefore being exposed to temptations”. Spinsterhood has turned into a complex for this community and they seize every opportunity at hand to marry their daughters. ‘ Life has grown tempting and early marriage is the solution, ‘ people from Zagora say.

In the same vein, physical beauty is a decisive factor to spinsterhood. We usually find among spinsters only the unattractive women. In Moroccan families with girls, whenever a suitor knocks the door to ask for a girl’s hand, he usually keeps an eye on the prettiest of the pretty. Suitors can be offered several girls to choose from, but they usually tend to choose the most beautiful. It is a bitter reality girls face when men mercilessly consider beauty as one of the criteria by which they can marry some women and leave the rest to suffer spinsterhood.

Viewing the phenomenon from a different perspective, we can notice that blaming spinsters while acclaiming bachelors is a sign of social hypocrisy. Whereas men are free to become bachelors, women do not enjoy the same freedom. It is unjust to observe women in daily struggle with the fear of spinsterhood and men in control of the fear of bachelorhood. When women

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