Mitt Romney 's Rhetorical Strategies Essay

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Mitt Romney’s Rhetorical Strategies in “Faith in America” This nation was founded on religion, and eventually, the slogan evolved into “In God we trust.” The great American leaders of the past never dared forget the God in Heaven who watches over the land and the people. In America, religion seems to be the heart and soul of the country. It seems to be the gears turning and allowing the country to continue moving forward and progressing at such incredible speeds. But with religion, there is a fine line that cannot be crossed. In the beginning, it had to be made clear that the separation of church and state was a necessity. Presidents of America are not to rule as religious leaders, but rather, they are to rule with loyalty and respect for the country, the people, and the constitution; all the while, still having their heart and minds on God. This idea of the separation of religion from presidential leadership became a big debate in the 2008 Presidential elections when Mitt Romney joined the race. Some citizens believed that this bold Mormon would overly implement his religious beliefs and flip the nation upside down. This arousal of fear in people’s hearts caused Romney to act. In Mitt Romney’s “Faith in America,” he courageously utilizes unifying diction, voice merging, and familial metaphors in order to connect with his audience. He employs these devices to dispel his audience’s fear and re-emphasize his stance that while he will not pander or throw away his religion,…

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