Misunderstood Minds Essay

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One in five American students has a learning disability this is according to the documentary “Misunderstood Minds’’ produced by WGBH. Children with learning disabilities are more likely to become outcasts in school and in society. The documentary follows five families dealing with a differently abled child; Nathan V, Lauren, Sarah Lee, Adam, and Nathan S. The film focuses on difficulties the families go through, professionalism or lack of it by school officials and demystification. Every parent wants the best for their child, after all a child is a person’s most precious possession. For this very reason having a child with a learning disability becomes extremely stressful. Nathan V’s was a very outgoing child verbally articulate and a …show more content…
Nathan S was diagnosed with attention deficit disorder (ADD). Nathan S’s parents where frustrated with his constant tantrums and put him on Ritalin. Unfortunately Ritalin was not the answer for Nathan S and his parents placed him in military school. Professionalism is required of teachers, school administrators and specialists especially when a child underachieves. Students spend most of their time in school learning it is the teacher’s job to address any learning disability concerns to school specialists and parents. In Adams case his teachers called him lazy, when in fact they were the ones being lazy by simply slapping a label on him and not looking for the root cause of his low grades. Laura’s teachers could have blamed her test scores on being disorganized and messy. However that’s was not the case Laura’s teachers took her low grades seriously and brought the issue up to her parents. If a doctor calls his patients a hypochondriac he can be sued for malpractice, if a teacher is so unprofessional that they label kids as lazy they should be held accountable as well. The success of a child with a learning disability depends on the professionalism of the teachers, administration and the procedures put in place to help them. Children need to know they are special and not just a label. Demystification is when a medical term is explained using simple language. Nathan S and his family were

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