Mission Statement : At Bank Of America Essay

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Mission Statement: At Bank of America, our goal is to be the global leader in financial services. We want to continue to grow and sustain the capabilities needed to help clients and customers meet their key financial goals. This mission statement is an accurate representation of the goals of Bank of America. The corporation is continuously growing through acquisitions. Bank of America actually started off as two separate banks, BankAmerica and NationsBank. Both of these banks experienced growth from acquisitions separately before merging into what is known as Bank of America. The culture of growth through acquisitions is still in place. Also, the corporation has grown in aspects of innovation for their clients and customers. The corporation led the way in online and mobile banking. Bank of America has continued to introduce technological innovations to produce convenience to their customers.
Internal Environment Analysis
Core Values
• Be Ethical
• Trust
• Lead
• Be Respectful
• Be Credible
Bank of America has set several core values as a foundation to how they conduct business. The corporation wants to be conduct business ethically. Bank of America wants each employee to always do the right thing. The corporation states there is no reason to do otherwise. Bank of America wants their employees to trust and work as a team. The corporation also wants every employee to lead and be the example as to how the corporation conduct business. Bank of America believes each individual…

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