Missing Person-Peter Leung Essay

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Missing Person-Peter Leung - Case Study #2

Excel Consulting, a globally recognized provider of management and technology services and solutions, has offices in over twenty countries including Toronto, Canada. Excel Consulting earned its’ good reputation by delivering innovative solutions to clients and by providing “exceptional” client service. Their organizational structure was designed to promote teamwork and a collaborative work environment. To foster employee satisfaction, Excel Consulting conducted routine satisfaction surveys and instituted corporate policies to ensure a proper work-life balance (i.e. flexible working hours, assigning professionals to offices in their home city to reduce travel time). Although partners and
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If I were in Mark Armstrong’s shoes I would take the following measures: 1. Locate Peter and meet with him to collaborate on differing viewpoints and to develop consensus and commitment. I would reinforce that he is still a valuable and critical resource in the successful completion of the first phase of the project (his experience, knowledge and presence are required to fix any testing issues). I would inform him of the allegations that Melissa made and ask for his version of events to determine if the two accounts corroborated. I would discuss my feelings of betrayal and disappointment regarding his decision to leave work without any notification or formal request. I would ask for an explanation and listen to his explanation emphatically and acknowledge his reasoning. In addition, because the “task and relationship” are of high importance I would attempt to motivate Peter to complete the testing requirements of the project, by offering him flexible working hours through-out the remainder of the phase 1 process, under the condition that he make himself available when his specific expertise is requested (in person, via e-mail, phone, etc.). I would then inform human resources, Melissa, the team members, and Dave Fischer of the issue and the resolution. It would also require a Project Change request so that Peter’s new schedule is

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