Miss Peregrines Home For Peculiar Children Summary

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Miss Peregrines Home for Peculiar Children, written by Ransom Riggs unfolds the story of abnormal people with a mysterious past. When 16-year-old Jacob Portman finds his storytelling grandfather dead in the woods and a monster with a face of a nightmare beside him he starts to rethink everything. Jacob decides to look more into these children his grandfather always talked about, combing through his old archives, discovering many crucial pieces that all corresponded to one place, a children's home in a small island off of England and a date of September 3d 1940. Curious, he leaves for the island and discovers a wrecked childrens home when he arrives. Jacob stumbles along and finds himself at that very children's home now in pristine condition, …show more content…
This book is a mystery because at the beginning of the story it starts out with telling us clues but gives room for interpretation. With giving us tid bits here and there of a backstory but still bewildering our understanding. Another reason it is a mystery is its suspenseful and foreshadowing aspects. In many parts of the book there are cliff hangers at the end of chapters to keep the reader focused on the mystery that a trying to be solved. For example Jacob gets a therapist for his night terrors that allows him to go on the trip to England. Foreshadowing that this will somehow play a part in the mystery because what therapists let's an unstable kid go to a small island that his "delusional" grandfather roamed. This being right, later on in the book we found out the therapist is really one of the monsters in disguise and lured Jacob to the island so he could find the rest of the peculiars. Lastly I think this book is a mystery because of its puzzle piece like plot. By this I mean in mysteries there are usually parts where they give us lots of information and then give us blank spots that we must fit together to make sense for us like this book did. This novel was a spine tingling work of words that gave me

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