Miss Brill By Katherine Mansfield Essay

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In the short story Miss Brill by Katherine Mansfield, the author employs the use of P. O. V, character, and tone to create a momentous and overall whimsical experience for the reader. Miss Brill is the main character of the story, and is depicted as a strong-willed woman who finds amusement in the people she meets, and places she goes on her Sunday outing. Miss Brill stops at various places throughout her day, constantly running into people that seem to entertain and interest her. However, not everything always goes smoothly for Miss Brill on her Sunday outings. Sometimes she runs into querulous people and experiences a bit of disappointment, but Miss Brill somehow always finds optimism in the wake of perilous circumstances, making her a very powerful and vibrant character.
The narrator follows Miss Brill’s day through a “third person objective” point of view, meaning the narrator is an outsider who can only report what they see and hear. They cannot depict the exact thoughts of one of the characters, however they can explain how a specific character feels about what is reported around them. The author demonstrates this by describing the various characters actions in the story and explaining how they affect Miss Brill. For example, “….Other people sat on the benches and green chairs, but they were nearly always the same, Sunday after Sunday, and Miss Brill, had often noticed, there was something funny about nearly all of them.”(Mansfield 44). The author is using this droll…

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