Misconceptions Of Body Awareness In Athletes

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INTRODUCTION Naturally, people have misconceptions of their body –especially seen in children. This is due to the lack of experience with one’s body awareness. These inaccurate assumptions have many influences and it varies between gender. Though, with a well-developed understanding of body awareness, time and practice, one can gain a more precise sense of their body relative to the space around them. Athletes especially want to refine their movements by having an accurate perception of themselves. This allows them to enhance their performance and efficiency in a competition.
In lab, each subject estimated what their height and width would be if their body were to be projected on the wall. While standing 15 feet away from the wall,
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A lot of my guesses either had no error or close to 0. The reason I am not surprised is because all my life I have participated in some rhythmic hobby. I started dancing when I was 5, then gymnastics when I was 8 and continued to do gymnastics until now, as well as various other performing sports. In order for me to refine my movements, I practice in front a mirror and gained a greater awareness of my body relative to space. Only HH and HW were different but I know I see myself smaller than I am. All my life I have been called petite or that it is a good thing I am small, therefore my perception of myself is a reflection of how others view me as …show more content…
The class data is an average between both genders, therefore we do expect them to be close. Given their proximity, we can assume that the data from males are not extremely different from females because if it did, the class data would have been skewed away from the female data. These two averages slightly underestimated HV and slightly overestimated SW and HW. HH was extremely overestimated and HR was extremely underestimated. Females slightly overestimated HL and as a class, the error was slightly underestimated. On the other hand, only half of my data closely resembles the overall female data and class average. HV, HW, and HF almost match, but HH and SW were underestimated and HR was 0. My data is not identical to the other two because in most cases, there is an outlier that deviates from the averages. This explains the standard deviations in some of the estimates
After partaking in this lab, I now realize how much people mistake their relative body position and size. I believe that it is necessary that one develops body awareness and utilizes this knowledge for future purposes. It is crucial for athletes to practice this, but it can also be applied to everyday individuals. By having an accurate understanding of my body image, I can confidently do simple things like walking through a crowd and understand where I fit or reach for something on a shelf I know my HR can meet. These are little details,

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