Mirat Ul Memalik (the Mirror of Countries) Essay

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Jake Gleason
Travelogue Essay
History 116
Mirat ul Memalik (The Mirror of Countries) Mirat ul Memalik (The Mirror of Countries) is a Travelogue which was written in 1552 AD and completed upon return home to Turkey in 1556 AD by Admiral Sidi Ali Reis. This written account takes us across the world to India and back to Turkey. This account tells us the terrible sights that this courageous man encountered and the great sights and cities that this decorated Admiral encountered on his journey around the world. This document tells and explains to us the many great burial sites and the various cultures of the peoples Sidi encounters. The purpose of this Travelogue was rather simple, as Sidi states in his writing he wanted to make sure
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He also informs us on the major religious aspects of the cultures he encounters and how it differs in that from his. There are many different assumptions that the author assumes the reader is just going to know by reading this. When one reads this the first thing they will notice is the tongue tying names of the Sultans, and the other important titles people barred during this time period. It is very difficult to pronounce a lot of the names including his own name. So in a nut shell the author must expect the people to be of an Islam descent or at least have knowledge in the area, because a lot of the names are very difficult to describe including some of the cities and countries that are visited throughout the travelogue. Sidi when writing this account seems to have almost only one point of view and that is that Turkey and his people are far superior to any other civilization and it’s not because he is cocky or stuck up. It is because he believes they are just superior in where they are at in their civilization compared to places he visits. In the writing he states that at one point he was offered a great piece of land and a large sum of money to stay there. He tells the man that he wouldn’t do it for all of the land and for any sum of money. Once again he does not do this to be arrogant but he does it out of loyalty to his country and

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