Miracle : Final Assignment Essay

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Miracle – Final Assignment In our current society, sports are everywhere. Sporting events are continually on television. Additionally, there are competitive games at fields and courts all around cities and towns in the United States. Most individuals are fans of at least one sport, while others are either devoted sport enthusiasts or competitive players. The emphasis and attention on sports has increased significantly over the years. For many athletes, this places pressure on them to succeed and win at every level of sport from Little League to the World Series. As this pressure increases, so does the need for sports psychology and improved confidence, focus, and motivational techniques in athletes at every level.
The movie Miracle exemplifies the utilization of sports psychology in developing confidence, focus, and motivation in the United States hockey team that beat the Soviet Union’s hockey team in the 1980 Olympics. The Soviet Union had dominated hockey, incredibly, since 1964. This win was one of the most memorable and significant moments in the history of United States sports. The citizens of America were greatly touched by the performance of the underdog United States hockey team, which triggered national sentiment and pride in their home country. This United States team consisted of college and long-shot players aspiring to play professional hockey as compared to the dominating Soviet Union team filled with giants and legends in the hockey world. The American…

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