Minor Characters In Interstellar And Ender's Game

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The 2014 Oscar winning film Interstellar- directed by Christopher Nolan- shadows the protagonist Joseph Cooper (Matthew McConaughey) an ex-NASA pilot and engineer. The storyline begins in an apocalyptic America were the environment can no longer sustain human life. Out of chance Cooper and his daughter Murphy (Jessica Chastain) find the remains of NASA and discover just how little time humanity has. To save his children Cooper agrees to join the crew of the Endurance, tasked to locate a habitable planet but when a series of setbacks are brought forth, Cooper struggles to accept that he may never see his children or planet Earth again.
Gavin Hood’s Ender’s Game was released in 2013 and is set fifty years after an attempted alien invasion. The
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Both Ender and Cooper have family they leave behind on Earth those being Murphy and Valentine. These characters are similar as they are both portrayed as innocent and loved family members by the protagonists’. Their differences surface when their importance in the storyline is discussed. Murphy has a more dominant role in Interstellar then Valentine in Ender’s Game. Murphy displays the possible concept of another main protagonist in her film whereas Ender’s Game focuses heavily on Ender and his thoughts and feelings, only using Valentine as a link to his family and enabling contact with the alien race. Another obvious difference is the relation, Valentine is Ender’s sister were as Murphy is Cooper’s …show more content…
This theme greatly underlines how wrong selfishness is through the characters Dr Mann from Interstellar and predominantly in Ender’s Game- Colonel Graff. This theme also shows the audience how the characters right there wrongs were Cooper doesn’t give up on Earth and Ender dedicates his life to resurrect an alien species.
The most important setting of the two films is ‘space’.
However the difference between the two is that in Interstellar is mainly set in a foreign galaxy, whereas Ender’s Games begins in Earths solar system and branches out further into the film. These films are similar being that they both portray different planets other than Earth.
Both storylines begin in what it seems America and Cooper’s world is vastly different then Ender’s. To begin Cooper’s Earth is quickly becoming inhabitable, dusty and barren. Ender’s is lush, modern and seems to have no environmental problems. Cooper lives in a small town on a corn farm whereas Ender lives in a suburb of many futuristic

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