Minimum Wage Should Be Raised Essay examples

768 Words Nov 15th, 2015 4 Pages
Each year the cost of living increases, yet minimum wage stays the same. It is hard for people who are depending on the minimum wage to actually survive, especially if a family is involved. There are too many people who depend on a low-waged job to reach the family budget. These people are not wanting more money just because, it is needed to survive in such an expensive world. Minimum wage no longer does the job it was intended to do. The intent was to give the lowest paid workers a decent standard of living. Futhermore, as the price of living a decent life increases, the minimum wage should increase as well. Minimum wage should be raised slowly to help the people in need. It is extremely hard to support yourself minimum wage in today’s economy. It has not been keeping up with the inflation over the years. To have a minimum wage that hinders you from surviving is unethical. It is unfair to have a wage that low knowing that people can barely make it in life because of it. People may say that it’s their fault for not getting a degree in college, yet people fail to realize how hard it could be. College is expensive and is not made for everyone, which means minimum wage is the only choice some people have. Also, it is hard to pay for college with minimum wage that low, which means this logic is flawed. Raising the minimum wage will have many benefits to the community and the people. For instance, increasing minimum wage would decrease the amount of loans that are made.…

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