Essay On Minimum Wage Pros And Cons

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Minimum Wage Controversy In America, working is supposed to keep individuals out of poverty, not place them in it. With current minimum wage at nine dollars an hour, families are struggling to live an optimal life. The people who are employed under minimum wage are struggling to pay their bills, buy goods for themselves, and even support a family. Minimum wage in the bay area is insufficient due to the high cost of living and therefore should be increased. The minimum wage must be raised because the cost of living has dramatically increased. There is many families who live in the bay area that fear that they will not have food on their plate or even a roof to live under. Most young students go to school every morning with a empty stomach. …show more content…
The topic is perhaps most interesting to the average American. At some point in our lives we have all been employed under minimum wage. Due to this fact it is the popular debate over families eating at the traditional American home or dinning at a restaurant. People often tend to go out to eat cheap meals instead of cooking at home. This is due to the fact that the parents in the homes don’t cook meals because they don’t have enough money to buy groceries. Sometimes parents don’t have enough time to go to the grocery store and buy goods because they are working extra hours to try to pay there …show more content…
The growing “fight for $15” movement has also become known as the “living wage movement” in the fight against income inequality. Seattle and San Francisco two rival cities in football who don’t always agree on the same thing but in 2015 they have both voted for $15 an hour minimum wage. Los Angeles is in the mix as another city who is really considering increasing their minimum wage. In December 2014 across the country protest over decent wages began they started by sending messages that people deserve respect and

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