Mindless Women In The Great Gatsby By F. Scott Fitzgerald

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F. Scott Fitzgerald 's The Great Gatsby overflows with themes pertaining to the vision of America. Throughout the novel, Fitzgerald sends a message to the reader about the general idea of women during the 1920s. In The Great Gatsby, women are portrayed as careless fools. Through the characters of Daisy, Jordan, and Myrtle, Fitzgerald portrays mindless women by comparing their defining goals, the ways they act towards men, and the manner by which men treat them.

Throughout the novel, Daisy is depicted as a wealthy woman who is used to getting what she wants with ease. Her desire to have an important name in society and her longing for wealth are at the core of her goals and values. This is especially seen in her mindless decision
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This Passage shows the reader that Daisy’s decision is forced and not made out of love. She marries Tom out of her desire to have luxury and an important social status. Tom offers her just that luxury when he gives her the pearl necklace and all of his wealth. Daisy’s rash decision also shows the reader her foolish side that gives no effort to attempt to improve herself and have her own wealth. She forces herself to marry a man that she does not love solely because he has money and a high social status. In addition to her thoughtless decisions, Daisy’s manners towards men are indifferent their feelings. The fact that Daisy thinks only of herself is shown when she tells Gatsby that “she loved him” in front of Tom and leaves Tom“astounded” (119). Daisy is very open about showing her love for Gatsby in front of her husband without thinking about her marriage or Tom’s feelings at all. Daisy’s indifference to the feelings of other men is also shown when she decides to forget about Gatsby and stay with Tom. This moment is shown when Daisy lets …show more content…
Cheating, lying, and carelessness are at the base of Jordan’s values. This is seen when Nick describes Jordan as an “incurably dishonest” woman who is a “rotten driver”(58). Nick’s descriptions of Jordan compare her reckless driving with the way she makes decisions in her life. The descriptions show the reader that she makes bad decisions as a rotten driver by lying and cheating in order to achieve what she wants. Nick’s words also describe Jordan as careless about the consequences that may lie ahead of her. In addition, Jordan takes a straightforward, direct, and haughty attitude towards men. This is seen when Jordan calls Nick a “bad driver” (177). She ignores the fact that she herself is a careless driver, a thoughtless person, and a bad decision maker and criticizes Nick for being dishonest and for presumably disrespecting her. Additionally, she is viewed by men, specifically Nick, as smug and careless. When Nick first sees Jordan at Daisy’s house, he observes that she “tipped her head back” (9) to keep her chin up and give off a wave of arrogance. Jordan’s hubris causes her to ignore the fact that there are consequences for every act of carelessness and dishonesty that she displays. Jordan’s mindless behavior and reluctance to be honest make her a thoughtless character who does not realize that she is a bad driver and

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