Millennium Development Goals As An Area Of Focus And Reflection

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Millennium Development Goals
During my reading assignment, I picked up on the Millennium Development Goals as an area of focus and reflection. At the beginning of the new millennium, world leaders gathered at the United Nations to shape a broad vision to fight poverty in its many dimensions. That vision, which was translated into eight Millennium Development Goals (MDGs), has remained the overarching development framework for the world for the past 15 years. (Wu Hungbo 2015).

The development goals as stated on were to:
1. Eradicate extreme hunger and poverty
2. Ensure universal primary education
3. Promote gender equality and empower women
4. Reduce child mortality
5. Improve maternal health
6. Combat HIV/AIDS, malaria and other diseases
7. Ensure environmental sustainability and to
8. Develop a global partnership for development.

Although the MDGs came to an end in 2015, valuable lessons were learnt from this globalized vision established to ensure a better life for the world’s most vulnerable. Although success have been noted in most of the areas listed above, the MDGs still fell short of ensuring a poverty free world. According to the Yale Human Rights Development Journal (2012, Vol 15), some of the critical shortfalls included: ‘tensions between MDG progress and authoritarian governance; procedural and legitimacy concerns; problems relating to poor specification; inappropriate scale of ambition based upon unreliable and arbitrary assumptions…

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