Essay about Military Suicide During The Iraq And Afghanistan Wars

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Military Suicide
Ever since American involvement in the Iraq and Afghanistan wars, suicides have been plaguing the service, surpassing the rates for the general population. While many government departments have been taking an effort to assist in prevention of military suicide, the citizens of America are oblivious to the fact. These suicides, both active duty and veterans, are important to become aware of in order to intervene and assist those in need. Americans need to become aware of the suicides performed in the military as it is an ever growing epidemic.
In America, nearly 1 in 5 adults will experience a mental illness in their lifetime. 1 in 25 adults will live with a serious mental illness. 6.9% of American adults will live with major depression and 18.1% will live with an anxiety disorder (Nami). After a data analysis funded by the Department of Defense was conducted, the data suggested that the high rates of military suicide are directly correlated with underlying mental health issues in the United States. Jen Christensen, CNN, reports that the military will have to change the way it handles soldiers with mental illness if we expect to see the numbers of suicide decline.
Within the last decade, suicide rates in the military have risen drastically, with 265 active-duty service members killing themselves in 2015 as opposed to a rate that never exceeded 197 between the years 2001-2007. While 2015 saw a high suicide rate, it did not eclipse the highest rate in the last…

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