Miley Cyrus : A Calculated Metamorphosis Essay

1878 Words Sep 26th, 2016 8 Pages
A Calculated Metamorphosis When the words “Disney Starlet” come to mind, what does the average person picture? Who do they envision? If millennials were asked this question ten years ago, a blonde haired, bubbly, Miley Cyrus, also known as Hannah Montana, would have come to mind for many. Ten years later, she portrays quite the opposite persona, going from Disney darling to outspoken, edgy it girl. Thesis (last sentence/ play around with this/ topic +claim + reasoning): Miley Cyrus elects to shed away from her Disney image and shows the world her true character and what she stands for. Change to more descriptive details as to how? Is this an argument? Miley Cyrus’s on screen life began at the ripe and vulnerable age of elven years old, ultimately turning her into a teen idol. Hannah Montana first aired on March 24, 2006. In the Disney show, Cyrus appears to be a typical teenager to most of her acquaintances but what they do not know is that she is living a double life; transforming herself from Miley Stewart by day, to famous pop singer, Hannah Montana by night. Only her family and closest friends know her big secret. The show goes on to show the trials and tribulations that Miley Stewart also known as Hannah Montana faces. For the next three years or so, Cyrus’s star text, was bound to her Disney identity and childhood star qualities. Star text includes the star’s body of work, promotional work, publicity, and audience discussion. Everything we know of Cyrus up to this…

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