Essay on Midnight in the Garden of Good and Evil

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Discrimination in Savannah In the novel Midnight in the Garden of Good and Evil by John Berendt, it discusses the city of Savannah, Georgia and the people that live there during the nineties. The author encounters several different kinds of people and events throughout the city Savannah that he was not really expecting. Savannah has several underlying issues even though people act as if things are fine. After further analysis, the main issue is even though things in Savannah may appear to be diverse; there is still harsh discrimination against African Americans and homosexuals. The first example of discrimination which causes a huge problem is the discussion of race. Even though the book is written based in the nineties, it was still …show more content…
Her patrons would often say wonderful things about her, but just were not willing to pay her the amount she fully deserved. And finally the Married Women’s Card Club, where they followed a strict schedule and expected the help to know it as well. The hostess would get upset if the help missed a set time for something and they would just look at them and whisper the demand for the next thing without saying a please or a thank you. These card games would occur often and sometimes the husbands would be invited. When the husbands were there, things were expected to be in much better order. As you can tell, even though several years had passed things have not changed for African Americans in Savannah. In the novel there was not only harsh discrimination against African Americans but also homosexuals. The author met a man by the name of Jim Williams who was much known in town for his yearly extravagant parties. When word got out that he was gay that and accused of having an affair with his employee Danny Hansford, some of his acquaintances views about him changed. Opinions especially began to change when Williams shot and killed Hansford. Rumors began to fly that the murder was a crime of passion. Before these rumors Jim Williams could have gotten off with just self-defense. Because being a homosexual is looked at as being wrong, the jury had no problem delivering a verdict of guilty. Another person the author met

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