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Middlefield Hospital is a 450 bed tertiary care facility in a major urban area in the Northeast. The hospital is an integrated health system that provides the fill array of inpatient and outpatient services. The Hospital has a reputation for quality care in the area.
The Hospital’s turnover rate exceeds 20% and there are over 100 nursing vacancies. Factors that may contribute to the turnover is that a new hospital has recently opened in our market area that has produced competition for Middlefield, employee morale has deteriorated over the past 12 months, and Essex University is
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The Curative approach refers to a system of care that is based upon treating illness or alleviating symptoms. People fall sick unexpectedly; they can be fine one moment and have the flu the next moment. In a situation like this the curative approach to health is appropriate. However, the Preventative approach, which is preventing illness rather than curing it, is more productive. The hospital can save a lot of money if they do not have to run extensive tests and procedures for diabetes and heart disease and other diseases that could have been stabilized if the patient used proper care. An effective strategy would be to offer classes on diet and exercise and other preventive measures such as smoking cessation programs just to name a few.
Employee motivation-Recruiting
Qualified health care professionals employed by Middlefield hospital should teach classes at Essex College and the clinical internship should be conducted at Middlefield hospital. That way Middlefield will know that new recruits will already know the proper procedure and will be qualified to work at the hospital upon graduation. This solution will benefit both parties because Middlefield can look forward to qualified new recruits and Essex has qualified teachers with real life experience for their healthcare programs.
Employee Motivation- Retention
Ways that Middlefield Hospital can motivate employees is to offer intrinsic and extrinsic rewards and offer them an

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