Essay about Middle School Students ' Use Of Internet

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Middle School Students’ Use of Internet
Nowadays, the internet has become the main source of information and the main way of communication. Every year, technology improves, and so does our dependence on it. The use of the internet has made a huge impact in our society causing controversy. Social media can help people to communicate and to be in touch with our families and friends, but it can also disconnect people from reality. We can see this in our new generations, since children and adolescents tend to be more involved in their virtual life than in their actual life. The internet can be dangerous for unsupervised middle school students, for example, since they expose their information, and they have access to everything on the internet. Parents of middle school students should monitor their children’s use of smartphones, social media, and the internet.
To begin, cellphones have always been the most convenient way of communication, since they allow you to call others wherever you want, but in today’s society the use of cellphones has drastically changed. Nowadays, people rely on their smartphones for almost everything. Not only do we use it to call others wherever we want, but we can also have access to the internet at all times. When we talk about middle school students, this can’t always be found as a benefit. Adolescents are most likely to become addicted to their smartphones, because of the functions that it offers. “Therefore, considering the abovementioned attributes…

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