Microsociology By George Simmel

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Microsociology gives opportunity to interact with the community and Society. Georg Simmel believe the world couldn’t be Microbiology analyze and but had five key ideas he believes people of the world can be: “Social forms, Social types, Sociability, Conflict, and The metropolis”. Simmel focus on the smaller topics l and not “the grand theory like Durkheim or Marx”, However, Simmel believe the world can be Sociability because they will interact with each other. People will chat with each other and gain a relationship with each other. And the was George Herbert Mead who main ideals were individual to focus on “self, generalized other, reflexive self, and I and the Me”. You play games as children and as you get older you begin to grow in …show more content…
However, he suggests the world to be Social Form with each other and being in a social relationship. Simmel states from vs. Content is a way people can interact with each other and work in pairs. He using content for Triads, this when three people working together or it can be when two together and the one more person join the group. It can be three people singing together. For example, the company I work for has a three-person owner. One of the owner take care of the billing, one attends to the advertisement, and the other goes to the clients’ house to sign them up. This can be a content type of interaction because the three of them has to work together for business. My family and be call content due to being only three in the home my husband, son, and myself. Simmel wanted his point to be people can have patterns to interact and if one person left it won’t be just one person. Triads is for a group of threes’. Simmel suggest Dyad is a social form; he said Dyad is not a group but when two people share things together. Married couples can be Dyad because only two can be married. Some examples can a marriage because there have to be two individual to get marriage and when one leaves there’s not marriage anymore due to one person got out. When a spouse dies that mean the other spouse will become a widow due to the other spouse being deceased, this will not be a Dyad. A set of Twins can be call Dyad when they are younger because they tend to have a close relationship with each other but as they get older they separated from each other: which will make them not be Dyad because one left the group. Simmel wanted to point out that each person in the group will have a role to fill. Simmel believe psychology has to be involved with people working or being in a

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