Micron Technology Case Study

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Management is a key player in all businesses, and stated by the Business Text Book “Management is a process designed to achieve an organization’s objectives by using its recourses effectively and efficiently in a changing environment (Ferrell, Hirt, & Ferrell, 2016 page 113).” Having a great management team behind the employees is beneficial in many of ways. For example, Micron Technology employs roughly 30,000 people across the world, so managing that many people can pose many challenges. Thus Micron Technology has strategically over the years worked hard to organize Management in the best and most effective ways that they feel was appropriate for the most possible success. This is shown by personal experience of having multiple family members …show more content…
Which is considered International Business because Micron is buying, selling, and trading goods and services across national boundaries. Due to the fact they are in many different countries, Management and Human Recourses Management play a vital role. The Human Resources department has to understand rules and regulations of border crossings, boundaries, what can be done at a certain place. Another example is pay, the Human Recourses team has to know what the common or minimum salary is in that specific locations and make sure they are doing things legally and ethically. Micron would have major losses or even go out of business if they didn’t pay attention to the different laws and regulations. This would be bad for Micron because they are able to outsource to other countries which in turn helps low the cost of production. To make the most money possible, it only makes since to cut the cost of production to substantially because then in grows the profit margin. Another issue that Micron deals with internationally is different political barriers. This includes countries that have sanctions either on the U.S. or that we have on another country which can be for a variety of different reasons but most commonly is due to the leadership of that country. International Business is beneficial in many ways to companies and Micron especially, Jas Krdzalic explain in class to GB 101, but takes lots of

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