Essay on Micro lab report 1 Blood and Bacteria

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Name and Course Section: Camile Manradge & Michele McNeill, Section 704

Title and Number: Observing Bacteria and Blood - Lab # 1

Purpose: The purpose of this experiment is to gain knowledge of the functions and operations of the compound light microscope and an immersion oil lens by observing prepared slides of various bacteria and blood slides. We are also learning to indentify and observe the various shapes and characteristics of bacteria, as well as, yogurt cultures (fresh and prepared) and blood samples under a microscopic view. We will also be able to distinguish between blood cultures and bacteria specimens.


Exercise 1: Viewing Prepared Slides

The first step is to assemble the compound light microscope.
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I observed different bacterial shapes and morphologies through preparation and examination of fresh yogurt and blood slides.

Exercise 1: Viewing Prepared Slides

A. Identify the following parts of the microscope and describe the function of each.

A. Ocular Lens - the lens on the top of the microscope that are closest to the eyes and are used to view or further magnify objects with 10x or 15x power.
B. Body Tube – the long tube that connects the eyepiece (oculars) to the revolving nosepiece that holds the objective lenses.
C. Revolving Nosepiece - holds two or more objectives lenses and can be rotated easily to change power
D. Objective lenses – the microscope is equipped with two or more objective

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