Micro Expressions And Its Impact On The Media And Science Fields

1095 Words Oct 4th, 2016 5 Pages
“Everyone’s true colors show eventually”- well- known metaphor, which explains that people cannot hide their true nature for too long, eventually something will give away their true feelings. Imagine if no one would be able to hide his feelings or intentions, how would the world change- for better or worse? With the newest technology’s advances, it is possible and the study which tries to analyze what gives away one’s true feelings is micro-expressions. Micro-expressions are rapid involuntary facial expressions which reveal one 's genuine emotions people trying to disguise (Zhang P., 2016). Micro-expressions cannot be faked unlike regular face expressions. Micro-expressions last only for a small part of a second and they cannot be detected by vision, scientists analyze micro-expressions using newest technologies-checking pictures and videos in slow motions. The study of micro-expressions is gaining more attention and recognition in the media and science fields. The potential of micro-expressions recognition is major since it could change medical, criminal justice and national security fields. Micro-expressions are quite controversial - many researchers are trying to prove the effectiveness and importance of micro-expressions in diagnostics; however, the opponents say because the micro-expressions last only for such small time and they can be misinterpreted with other emotions, therefore they are not dependable in diagnostics. Micro-expressions have been studied by…

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