The Importance Of Cheating Culture In Sports

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All sports are beautiful and the sportsmen who participate are role models for kids. The games end being ugly when some players cheat and when the officiating is biased. The cheating culture in such games causes scandals and misconduct to grab the limelight than it should.
Sometimes little or no actions are taken and a lot of unfairness is displayed at the end of it all. Cheating in today 's global sporting world has become very common since players and officials put their selfish gains first at the expense of the enjoyment and fun of the game.
Take a look at some of the most famous and unfortunate missteps that have taken place in the sporting world. These examples are very common in major sports. They need to be dealt with in
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This was very unfair to the Canadians because their efforts were never awarded appropriately and in time. It was also very discouraging to the Canadian skaters who took their time to prepare extremely well for the competition hoping to perform and win the competition.
The judges of the game showed lack of experience, favoritism and incompetence in officiating the game. The undue pressure from the French delegation could have been overcome by declining to officiate the game through written document to the higher management of the skating federation. The decision by IOC to award gold medals to both the winners and losers was a poor decision since the sport was never competed for. This also shows that the higher management also fell prey to the pressure from the French
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The behavior by the athlete was a sign of lack of confidence in himself that he can make it to the end. It was unfair to other participants who had prepared themselves for the competition. Furthermore, it was very shameful to the country from which he was from. Definitely, to the entire athletes, it was quite unethical.
The punishment by the management to withdraw the gold medal from him was a good and fair measure that was taken. The medal was actually not his. Moreover, the punishment was a bit light according to me since it was not very tough to curb the use of those banned steroids. Legalizing the use of steroids by athletes is like accepting machines or robots to participate in the athletics. It is unethical behavior and strict measures should be taken against all those who are found positive of the steroids.
Nowadays, we here in the news every now and then that certain athletes are accused of using these steroids. The World Anti-doping Agency has asked all countries that participate in athletics to sign the anti-doping bill, with Kenya being the most recent to sign.
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