Essay on Mexican Drug War Outline

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1. There were no other cartels at that time in Mexico, till in 1985 his co-founder Rafael Quintero was captured and convicted for murder. 2. After that he decided to divide the trade he controlled because it would be less likely to be brought down all at once. 3. Out of the divided cartel other cartels such as the Gulf cartel and the Sinaloa cartel emerged. 4. Since then Multiple Cartels have emerged and have been fighting for control of each other’s regions. C. The Mexican Drug War didn’t officially start till 2006, when Mexico’s Newly elected president Felipe Calderon sent federal troop to Michoacán to try to end the Drug Violence.
(Transition: Next I will talk about some of the effects of the Mexican drug war.)
II. Effects of the Mexican Drug War A. Since the start of the Mexican Drug War in 2006, violence has been a big issue. According to Phillip Smith over 80,000 people have died since the start of the war. Cartels have also become more violent and threatening. 1. The cartels have been known to be brutal and do things like bus raids and beheadings. There have also been cases of mass graves being found. 2. They have even threatened and murdered members of news that have covered stories about the cartel. 3. The cartels also engage in kidnapping, murder, robbery and extortion of migrants travelling from central and South America. B. The Mexican cartels wouldn’t be where they are if it weren’t for Government corruption. They usually

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