Meursault Catharsis Analysis

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Does Meursault’s catharsis affect his own existentialist behavior? Meursault’s catharsis affects people such as the chaplain who was attack by Meursault in which eventually led to his own existentialist behavior. Meursault relief opens himself to “the gentle indifference of the world” (Camus 122). His lack of emotions towards caring indicates that he is different than the rest of the world. Through Meursault release of anger towards the chaplain, he demonstrates his hatred towards death, religion and God. These ideas led to the solidification existentialist behavior which emphasizes Meursault’s own meaning in life with freedom and choices that eventually illustrates him as a social stranger.
To begin with, death led to Meursault’s anger
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He says, “Drawing himself up to his full height and asked me if I believed in God. I said no. He sat down indignantly. He said it was impossible; all men believed in God, even those who turn their backs on him” (Camus 11). Meursault doesn’t believe in God because it ties in with religion. Religion is based on the idea that we pray and ask God for help and forgiveness. The idea of religion is tied to God where we go church because God is there. The idea of that is when people are religious they see God as being the most important man in life, how he created life, and so God was religious in which he, himself, would pray and confess his sins, etc. On the other hand, Meursault doesn’t seem to apprehend the idea of people brining up God to him. It’s possible he doesn’t believe in the spirit because he didn’t see him as being the highest and most important hierarchy in life. He just doesn’t like the idea of external force because he doesn’t see an importance towards believing him. Meursault never likes the idea because he doesn’t feel that by asking for God for help, it won’t help him. He feels that him making his choices are moral and God is not moral. This means that Meursault makes meaning his own in meaning where in life whatever happens, happens. He feels that believing in the spirt will make his choices and he doesn’t want that. In life, some people believe that Holy Spirit has a plan for us, humans, in how we life live and Meursault doesn’t have a plan. Meursault doesn’t bother worry about the future and this explains why since he just wants to live his life in the present. This implies to the idea him that he won’t overthink about the future because he is in center of the idea of waking up to everyday life. The idea of the spirit connects to existentialist because he dislike the idea of the spirit being in his life that he chooses to make his own views. This shows that

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