Metropolis Film Analysis Essay

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Metropolis: “Breaking down the utopia”
In January of1927 Metropolis was released to the German public. The film, which was directed by Fritz Lang, was one of the first science fiction movies in the history of film. The film focuses on the differences between the working class who power the city and the wealthy whom indulge in it. The film was host to many German stars at the time such as Alfred Abel and Brigette Helm. As this conflict is going there is a separate yet relative story unfolding, a mad scientist has created an android out of love and desperation. Soon that same desperation drives him to use this robotic woman agansist his fellow man, causing open revolt and bloodshed. As Joh Frederson, founder
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The audience is there with him, hurt, confused, worried. It’s the draw, the raw emotion which sadly a lot of movies today lack because they can say something sad and get the point across. In movies like Metropolis however you felt the emotion. ( In 1927 Germany was experiencing cultural revival. For the first time in years the economy was looking up and the arts were expanding rapidly. Metropolis was well received upon its opening to say the least and was considered to be a part of the German expressionist movement. Since it’s original screening there have been several different releases and for a long time the original 153minute film was thought to be lost for good. There have been numerous restorations in hopes to get the full film together again. The most recent find runs over 210 minutes long. (McGillian 138-145)
At the time the Nazi party was starting to take rise and six years later Fritz Lang left the country and his wife who was the writer of Metropolis, Thea Von Harbou for she had become a passionate member of the Nazi party which Lang was staunchly apposed. Much to his further dismay Adolf Hitler was said to have ranked the film among his personal favorites. He was further shocked when he was offered a job within the Nazi regime by Josef Goebbels. Once Lang arrived in America he moved out to Hollywood and continued to direct. ( Metropolis has a significant place in the

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