Essay on Method to the Madness

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To: The BA 310
Date: February 23rd, 2014
RE: A Method to the Madness

In A Method to the Madness, the core concept can be seen on how to navigate and manage properly one’s responsibilities in a method that is most effective when dealing with the increasing technology and information available in today’s world. Looking at successful business owners and entrepreneurs that manage multiple million dollar companies every day, they manage to organize multiple tasks, limit interruptions, and handle information overload within their specific routine. Within being a manager, employee, or entrepreneur, it is found that the access amount of information can actually hurt performances, along with losing the ability to manage all of the
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Advantages to Grigsby’s approach are the fact that she has face-to-face interaction with all her managers on a daily basis. Her approach on looking at the big picture rather than the daily implications helps her to not have an overload of too much material. One could say that a con might be having one bookkeeper and accountant for all five stores. This could be a negative aspect because the bookkeeper and accountant do not have someone to check all of their work with other than Grigsby. This leaves the opportunity for the accountant or bookkeeper to potentially make a mistake or commit theft and leaves a risk for the companies. Especially depending on how thoroughly Grigsby actually goes through all of the records as well.
Mike Mothner is an entrepreneur of two companies, one which started up a few years after his first. The way he handles these million dollar companies and only having around 70 employees collectively throughout the two businesses is to prioritize. In order to handle all of his to-do lists and emails, he will mentally prioritize them from most important to least important, and proceed to handle everything in such order (Evans 2009). Another effective action that Mike does is to automatically take all of his voicemails and convert them to e-mails. This saves him so much time because he can respond to a voicemail via email within roughly 15 seconds (Evan 2009). With this method, Mike is able to communicate and reply to many more

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