Meteorological Events Affect Ted 's Perception Of His Daughter 's Accident

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Meteorological events have affects that spans far beyond our own comprehension. For example, they affect tide pressure immensely. These events raise sea levels above one inch and cause severe weather conditions for nearby areas. In “Chicxulub” by T.C. Boyle, meteorological events affect Ted’s perception of his daughter’s accident. Ted thinks of these meteorological tragedies when his daughter is in an accident because both are equally deadly and tragic. When Ted thinks about his daughter and a drunk driver he thinks of Tunguska. Ted said, “Thirty miles away, reindeer in their loping herds were struck dead by the blast wave, and the clothes of a hunter another thirty miles beyond that burst into flames even as he was poleaxed on the ground” (31). It’s crucial that Ted uses the word reindeer. Ted is connecting the reindeer to bystanders, friends, and family who heard of the crash. It was shocking and tragic that they felt like they got hit by the blast and died just like she did. Ted’s use of “in their loping herds” is also critical. This refers to the townsfolk who heard as well. Even the townsfolk who didn’t know Ted’s daughter, heard of the tragedy and are absolutely devastated as well. It is important Ted uses the phrase “struck dead by the blast wave”. Ted is directly connecting everyone who heard to his daughter and the drunk driver. Everyone who heard felt like they died or something crucial was ripped from their soul and thrown out of distance, and now they can never…

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