An Analysis Of Franz Kafka's Metamorphosis

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Metamorphosis can you imagine what happens if one day you wake up completely different?this happens in franz kafka’s methamorphosis,were the main character gregor Samsa, a travelling salesman, woke up in the morning feeling strange, tired and a bit scared,that s why he continued sleeping , thinking he would feel better, he wokeagain, but that time he was too late for his work , he tried to get up from his bed, but he couldn’t, then gregor realized that he have legs, body and head of an insect , that,s why it was impossible for him to just step and move like a normal person., the members of his family and the maid began to worry about him, each one asked to him across his bedroom’s door what happened with him to go late to his work, he just answered he was fine and he will go to his work, but even though of the attempts gregor made, he could not getout of his bedroom, worried by losing one of his best workers, his chief clerk came personally to his house to see what occurres to …show more content…
gregor tried to reach a blanket during 4 hours, for if someone enters, he will not be seen because of it,his mother wanted to see gregor’s state, that’s why when the father left the house, the mother and grete entered to gregor s room and removed all the furniture to make his room more comfortable [because he climbs in empty spaces], on one of these days his mom by accident saw him without the blanket and she was so afraid that she fainted, his sister hurried and helped him, gregor, running to the dining room was reached by his father[who recently came of his work] and he screamed hism to return and trowed apples , hurting him. The family cannot still solve their economic problem so, they received 3 gentlemen to live in their house [as tenants], the thing htat were not in use were taken by the new maid [the other left her work because of her fear to gregor] and lefted in gregor’s room, after all, her sister stopped to help gregor because of her work, and now the maid

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