Mestizos Essay

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The Mestizos have some ancestors that are Native to the New and Old World, which has brought a mixing of cultures.
In the New World the indigenous people were manufacturing textiles that were pure red. This caused many people in the Old World to become excited about the true red.
In the Old World red, which was not a true red, but a dark orange, textile was very rare and often owned by only rich and powerful people.
People in the Americas figured out a way to make red textiles in big numbers from an insect that lives on a prickly pear cactus.
The red textile textile made from the insect that the indigenous people of America, would soon be very valuable in Europe and close behind in value of gold and silver.
Traders of the red dye also
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Clara and helped fulfill Isabella’s wishes to convert the New World. Some of the Mestizas became Nuns while others left the convent and began having families of their own, some with Spaniards and some with the indigenous men and some with mestizos. This threatened the became to destroy the authority of the Spanish. This was a threat because the caste system started to become more and more complex with the mixing of ethnicities.
In 1545 silver was discovered in the Andes mountains. It was so rich that it had the potential to bring the Spanish empire out of its debt, this caused many indigenous populations to work in the mines which the new laws forbid. Phillip allowed the employment the indigenous people as laborers. For the next 300 years almost all of the indigenous men were forced to work in deadly conditions. This caused the death of 8 million men.
In parts of the New World the wooden instrument that the Spaniards displaced many instrument, and led to the creation of a new instrument the charango
The book Royal Commentaries of the Incas and General History of Peru was a book written by GarciLaso and it depicted the history of the indigenous people’s history because he was afraid that if their accomplishments were not written down, then the accomplishments would be forgotten forever.
The Catholic church created new holidays and traditions in the New World especially in the Mestizo

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