Merlin, What Do You See? Essay example

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“Merlin? Merlin, what do you see?” asked Ulrich, seated at a table next to Perceval, looking on while Merlin peered into a black glass mirror.
Ulrich and Perceval had woken Merlin, but that man had agreed to help them by scrying. Merlin had rummaged around in his wardrobe, and withdrew a mirror the size of a dinner plate, one with ancient symbols etched around the edges.
Now three of them sat at the table while Merlin held the mirror at arm’s length. He periodically adjusted his glasses, coughed, and incanted strange words Ulrich had never heard. It was all fascinating and exciting because Ulrich had never seen magic done up close. Merlin made sure to use his powers only when necessary.
“Wait,” said Merlin, looking up from the mirror. “I need more time. And keep in mind, the visions I see may be delayed; whatever I see might have happened some time earlier.”
“Sorry,” muttered Ulrich. He didn’t know how magic worked and remained quiet until Merlin had more to offer.
Moments later, Merlin’s ears burned red (redder than his hair). He shifted uncomfortably in his seat and placed the mirror down on his table.
Perceval sat on the edge of his seat. “Well?”
“Arthur’s fine, Drea’s fine, all’s fine,” said Merlin rapidly, not meeting Ulrich or Perceval’s eyes. “Nothing to worry about at all. You can go back to bed.”
“Where are they?” asked Ulrich. “And what are they doing? We can’t return to bed until we know.”
“They’re, erm, in a safe place,” replied Merlin, his whole face red now.…

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