Into The Wild By Jon Krakauer: An Analysis

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While reading Jon Krakauer’s book Into the Wild the reaction from people can differ from person to person on the death of Christopher McCandless and his journey into the Alaskan mountains. But these reactions are all based on personal experiences that are influenced by what has happened to someone in their own life. In our eyes we easily judge someone without knowing what they have gone through in their life or who they really are. We can analyze the way we perceive situations in our lives from person to person in comparison to John Berger’s essay Ways of Seeing. He explains how people interpret photographs and art he also analyzes how the observer visualizes things in their lives. Berger explains what is involved in seeing, and how we interpret this is determined by what we know or experience in our lives. This is true for many of Cristopher’s critics when reading his account on what he endured by starving to death. They were eager to judge Christopher McCandless and compared this man to themselves forgetting how they once too where young and eager wanting to explore the world. But we do not really understand or even …show more content…
The observer doesn’t normally understand how he is observing things along with the many different ways the observer is experiencing the situation. Yet, although every image embodies a way of seeing, (10) our perception or appreciation of an image also coincides with our beliefs and experience’s as well. This perception creates an image that is molded in our minds of what we see. Krakauer through Chris photos and tracking his footsteps was trying to see what was going through Christopher mind and get a sense of why someone would put themselves in such

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