Mentally Mental Illness In Prison Or Prisons

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America’s approach when the mentally ill commit violent crimes is locking them up without hesitating if it is the right thing to do. The mentally ill are constantly thrown in to jails or prisons because there is nowhere else to put them in, which automatically causes things to get worse. Mentally ill offenders are being mistreated, instead of getting treatment. They need help in order to get better, and having them hostage is not a way of doing it. That is why they should be sent to a mental health care facility, rather than a prison.
The mentally ill are impaired, not criminals. Yes, they commit crimes just like any ordinary person, but their disorder is the cause of their bad decision making. The mentally ill do not have it easy; they end
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“Police officers and prison guards receive very little training with regards to interactions and managing individuals with mental illness”. They are forced to act as doctors, while getting paid to work for the law. Officers and prison guards should at least get a heads up of what they should do with the mentally ill offenders. When the mentally ill are sent to prisons, officers and prison guards are left to deal with the inmates tense confrontations. The demented have certain disorders that sometimes leads them to attack the officers and prison guards. They have inadequate skills on how to act when they are being arrested or punished. The mentally ill are a huge dispute for the employees and prisoners in the facility. The owners of the prisons are concerned of how their facilities are being overcrowded by inmates with mental illnesses; prisons need the space for criminals. Prison owners need to make a whole lot of changes before they institutionalize the mentally ill. Changing their whole facility routines is not as easy as it may seem. It is not fair for them to change their routines for the needs of certain people, and it is not fair to the mentally ill to be sent to a place they do not and will never belong …show more content…
A mental hospital can help them get better and even feel better. Medical facilities are meant to keep the sick people safe and comfortable, other than restricted and violated. Health programs cost less and they benefit a mentally ill person. Medication is the first step for the mentally ill to get better. The mentally will have a better life in a mental health care facility; giving them everything the prison does not. A prison on the other hand is not built to care for the mentally ill. A prison restricts them from everything and everyone, leaving them alone with no help or treatment. A prison is not suitable for a person with mental illness, especially when the only options they have for them is to keep them locked in a cell. Prisons are,” underfunded and understaffed”, to help those with a health condition. It is said there are more people with a mental illness than criminals in prisons. Mentally ill inmates cost more than the ordinary criminals. The mentally ill should be sent to a mental facility; it suits them better and even gives them more opportunities in

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