Mental Illnesses And Its Effect On The Achievement Of Life Essay

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Mental disorders are often viewed as deviant from physical illnesses and treated as lesser, insignificant maladies; yet, mental illnesses are legitimate diseases which find themselves, in one form or another, in the vast majority of people. Most people have experienced, or at the very least, encountered symptoms of mental illnesses; primarily: anxiety and depression. In fact, twenty-five to forty percent of young adults meet the criteria for a clinical diagnosis (Miech 1098). Indeed, it is generally agreed that the quality of life is nearly as important to life as living itself. While not a material reward, a high quality of life is highly sought out and is often the reasoning behind much decision making, such as getting a better education, job, and family; all of which leads to its increase. Quality of life, however, is not a tangible, but rather abstract, construct. Certain objects and conditions can aid or impede the achievement of a good life; however, they do not guarantee it. Therefore, illnesses which directly target the self-esteem and ability to enjoy life must be considered seriously. As such, the antisocial mental illnesses, depression in this case, while an internal struggle, still represents a very real struggle, which, unfortunately, becomes stigmatized as petty cries for attention, leading to fear of diagnosis, neglect of treatment, and an increase of the disease’s severity, and, thus, this stigma must be combatted.
Mental disorders and physical disorders are…

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