Mental Illness : Mentally Ill Inmates Essay

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In America, 18.2% of our adult population suffer from a mental illness. This means 42.5 million adult citizens suffer from these disabilities everyday. Some mental illnesses such as depression, anxiety, anorexia, etc. are not always diagnosed to the people that have them. Imagine how much higher the percent of citizens who suffer from a mental illness would be if it included the undiagnosed illnesses and children. Now think about how these people are treated; It is unfair how people in mental hospitals, people who have depression or anxiety, and people who have a brain that does not work the same way are treated. Mental hospitals are known for their poor treatment towards the patients, such as isolating the patients, not taking care of the patients hygienically needs, and violating the patients. Phaner says “ In the most extreme cases, conditions are truly horrific: mentally ill prisoners locked in segregation with no treatment at all; confined in filthy and beastly hot cells; left for days covered in feces they have smeared over their bodies; taunted, abused, or ignored by prison staff; given so little water during summer heat waves that they drink from their toilet bowls. Suicidal prisoners are left naked and unattended for days on end in barren, cold observation cells. Poorly trained correctional officers have accidentally asphyxiated mentally ill prisoners whom they were trying to restrain,” (Phaner, 1). The patients are almost like prisoners; They have not…

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