Mental Illness Is A Social Problem Essay

2088 Words Oct 10th, 2016 9 Pages
This essay will analyse the statement 'mental illness is a social problem”. To examine this statement the sociological perspectives will be discussed as well as common social contributors to mental illness with in the concept of gender and lesbian, gay, bisexual, trans-gender and inter-sexual community (LGBTI). The aim of this essay is discuss and elaborate on the concept of gender and more specifically the LGBTI community in Australia and how mental illness affects according to gender, gender identity and sexuality and how mental illness is a social problem. Implications and limitations of sociological perspectives related to the sociology of mental illness and how 'mental illness is a social problem ' will also be discussed. By applying sociological and theoretical perspectives as well as structure-agency debate and the social and biomedical modes role in consideration to the issue, will help support the statement ‘mental illness is a social problem’. Whether society is to blame, specifically is an unfair judgement to make but this essay will explore the social contributors to mental illness and how social constructs contributes to the high rate of mental illness sufferers in Australia. The ways in which mental illness is stigmatised in Australia as well as the attitude and general awareness toward mental health is important to consider.

When speaking of mental illness, very broad and complicated illnesses such as; anxiety, depression, bipolar, personality disorders…

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