Mental Health And The Southeast Asian Community Essay examples

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Research Issue
The research problem I am interested in studying is mental health in the Southeast Asian Community. Growing up, my mother suffered from major depression and younger brother with bipolar disorder. However, my parents would not acknowledge and does not believe that talking to medical professionals to help them. My brother joined a gang and was getting involved in criminal activities in middle school. He went to juvenile hall to group homes, prison and then moved to Minnesota to live with his friends. Based off my personal experiences, I believe that Southeast Asian individuals need to become aware of mental health rather than thinking it is only for crazy individuals. I’m interested in studying of the need and the problem of mental health in the Southeast Asian community. I would conduct a qualitative research. I would like to understand the reasons of why Southeast Asian individuals opinions of mental health issues. Since mental health illness is viewed as a weakness, I would like to find new techniques to help counsel the Southeast Asian Community.
My bias is mental health. My family chooses not to discuss mental illness because in my family culture, talking about mental illness can be viewed shameful. For instance, my mom is diagnosed with depression since she immigrated to the United States in 1978. Growing up, my parents would let me know that emotional expression and mental illness in the Hmong culture is viewed as a weakness. I am more comfortable…

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