Mental Disorders That Affect The Mind As Severe As Schizophrenia

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There are a plethora of mental disorders plaguing the world. Many know the basic symptoms of average mental disorders, such as those that affect mood, behavior, and the process of thought; however, there are few disorders that affect the mind as severe as schizophrenia does. Schizophrenia is a permanent mental disorder that causes breakdowns in areas of thought, emotion, and behavior (Schizophrenia, retrieved November 06, 2016). This breakdown eventually leads to inappropriate actions and feelings, and what some would describe as withdrawal from reality (Yilmaz, Jossephsson, Danermark, Ivarsson; 2008). The disability that schizophrenia include hearing voices that aren 't there, thinking that other people are trying to hurt them, and sometimes not making sense when they talk; these factors make it difficult for schizophrenics to keep a job or take care of themselves (Schizophrenia, retrieved November 06, 2016). Even though they do have this mental disorder, they still desire the basic social needs a person without a mental disorder wants, which makes schizophrenia much more difficult to treat (Yilmaz, et, al., 2008) ). In fact, positive social interactions with an individual that has a mental disorder benefits the certain individual by giving them a more positive outlook to life (Yilmaz, et, al., 2008).
To thoroughly understand the impacts of schizophrenia on an individual’s social life, a research study was conducted on schizophrenics regarding their social…

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