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E-book Pricing

To: Andrew, Warren, Clark
From: Liz
Subject: E-book Pricing
I appreciate all of your input regarding our pricing options for our initial branching out into the e-book market. Some of Andrew's staff have done initial market research. Although the numbers are preliminary, they should give us an idea of what the market is likely to be. It doesn't look like the demand for e-books is there if we charge close to the price of traditional books. At a price of $20 for recent releases, the research from Andrew's group projects sales to be very small. More realistically, a price of around $12 will generate sales of about 30,000. If we lower the price to $8, sales are projected to rise to 50,000. Warren says that with
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Please keep all in mind when you make your pricing recommendation for the online gaming launch.Cost of providing the service: * $.12/minute, >1.8 million units per month * $.115/minute, 1.5-1.8 million units per monthCompetitive pricing strategy: Be competitive with other brand-name providers. Stay above low-cost competitor (SuperPlay = $.18/minute, WildGames = $.17/minute, BudgetGames = $.13/minute).Financial pricing strategy: Maximize revenue while still generating some profits.Gouging considerations: Price no more than 50% above costs.Elasticity: * $.15/minute will generate 2 million units sold per month * $.16/minute will generate 1.9 million units sold per month * $.175/minute will generate 1.7 million units sold per month * $.19/minute will generate 1.6 million units sold per month |

CanGo Logo

To: Nick and Whitney
From: Andrew
Re: CanGo LogoAs you all know, Liz will be leaving in 3 weeks for the Conference and has mentioned that she'd like to bring along a new CanGo logo. I know I've spoken to you two about the need for some brainstorming about this concept, but I'd like to provide a bit more help. I've spoken with Stephen and he said that he would be more than happy to sit in on a brainstorming session with you two. I've also spoken with Eve in Graphics Design and she said that she would be more than happy to take a look at some of your ideas and then draw up some possible designs for you to look over.

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