Memoir Essay

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Memoir It was May 8 of 2008 I worked for Harrelson Toyota before they sold out and went under new management. It was about three o’clock or so. I was already on the market for a new or used motorcycle. Well at about that time salesman that worked there pulls up into the detail shop. The salesman was driving a Honda CBR1000r limited edition, black and red with white ghost flames with chrome rims and exhaust. The bike really looked nice. I was like a fat kid drooling over a box of donuts. I started talking to him about the bike and what he had done to it. We got on to the subject that he was selling it. I continued to look at the bike and walk around it a couple of times. Well at that moment he ask if I wanted to test drive it. Well I …show more content…
Not to mention the fact that that I had broken to some tendon in my right leg also. By that time I had to call someone so I wrapped my good leg around the bad leg and military crawled to the middle of the road without using my legs. My cell phone, wallet, money and all of the belongings that was in my pocket was strung out all over the road. It was hard rough and very painful, it was like someone had stuck a basketball pump in my leg and pumped my thigh up to its max. I had to call a family member or my girlfriend to inform them what had happen.
After, I called someone a man stopped, across the street and asked if I was ok. I told him what the problem was and what happen he called 911 and then twenty minutes later, help arrived. The professional team came out there and put me on a stretcher and strapped me in, put me in the ambulance then gave me shot for pain. Then pain level was so high it almost intolerable by this point, felt like a little kid and just wanted to cry. Next thing I know I fell asleep, and at the hospital. By that point I realize that life is too short to make crazy stupid decisions. You always got to think everything though no matter what it is presented in front of you. This decisions that I made was not thinked through by no means, it was based off of temptation of wants. The decision that I made will affect me for the rest of my life. I had to have three major surgeries,

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