Essay on Melissa Baker : A Female And 40 Years Old

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I interviewed Melissa Baker. She is a female and 40 years old. She is Italian and believes the catholic ways. She has believed the catholic way all of her life. She currently lives in Mansfield Ohio and has lived here all of her life. She is a full time mom of three kids and lives with her boyfriend of 6 years. She has three boys, two that live with her and one that lives by himself. She works a full time job and loves it. She is a really interesting person, she loves to cook everything and everything she cooks is from scratch. While cook she use lots and lot of spices she like all of her food to have a spicy taste. You can really see the Italian in her by the way she cooks.
Melissa diet plan is always changing, she has a busy schedule with mothering two of her kid, one that’s only 1-year-old. On top of being a full time mother she has a full time job. She is always staying busy but she still somehow squeezes time in there to eat healthy. Health is really important to her but with having such a crazy life sometimes she has to get something on the go. So usually that means fast food. Her normal diet plan is Breakfast: none, Lunch: salad most days, Dinner: usually a home cooked meal like spaghetti with home made sauce etc. Melissa likes to snack on things like pumpkin seeds, sunflower seeds, fresh veggies and nutrition bar. She tries to keep a variety of veggies in her diet. As far as drink for her she’s a big pop drinker but also drinks lots of water. When drinking pop, she…

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