Medicine During The Civil War Essay

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Doctors at that time had no knowledge of cross contamination, which is the path of microorganism that can cause disease from one object to another. The medical tools and the doctors’ and nurses’ hands, were usually not cleaned between the treatments of different patients. Those who attended one of the few medical schools were inadequately trained, like in Albany Medical College. People died mainly because of one cause: disease. Problems of death were advancements in medicine during the Civil War. The amount of American soldiers killed during the Civil War was more abundant than the casualties of any other American war put together. The main cause was disease due to poor hygiene, overcrowding, improper and inadequate diet and lack of medical service.
Poor hygiene was one of the causes for disease in which soldiers died from during the Civil War. Unfortunately, soldiers did not drink clear water nor did they try cleaning it. In camps dug latrines were put too close to drinking streams. The waste from the latrines seeped into the water supply, causing many to get sick. Civil War soldiers did not get a daily shower. Many doctors were just as unhygienic as their patients. Due to the unhealthy living of water soldiers got sick.
Additionally, overcrowding was also another factor that caused diseases to spread more quickly to people. Civil War camps were often just as dangerous as the battlefield. Soldiers were laid down on the ground waiting to get seen by a surgeon. Soldiers…

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