Essay about Medicine As A Health Care Profession

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Naturopathic medicine is a health care profession that emphasizes on the self healing process, prevention and achievement of optimum health using natural therapeutic methods. Emergence of naturopathic medicine has led to safe and natural therapies that play an important role in our current health care systems. An integrative partnership between old philosophies of nature being the best healer and modern medical health systems has made available effective therapies to patients.
Many patients are now recovering by adding naturopathic medicine to other medical care. It seeks to discover, identify and remove underlying symptoms and causes of ailments rather than suppress them.Patients that adopt this form of health care receive maximum benefits as they get to be more involved with their health and learn about preventive measures. Naturopathic medicine treats illnesses including but not limited to ; digestive disorders, asthma, pain and sleep disturbances
Naturopathic medicine works based on six underlying principles that include: the doctor is the teacher, identify the causes and treat them, prevention is better than cure, nature has a healing power, do not harm the patient and lastly, use a holistic approach by taking into account all individual factors of the patient. Examples of naturopathic medicine include; acupuncture, psychotherapy, nature cures such as sunshine or fresh air, physical medicine such as sports medicine or exercise and nutrition advice among others.…

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