Medical Technology And Ethical Issues Essay

794 Words Nov 16th, 2015 4 Pages
It’s the year 3000, and you walk into a hospital and notice that everything is done using the computers. If someone gets injured, the computer will take care of the issue. If someone needs a life saving treatment, the computer will print out a report for the patient and you’re thinking, “what happened to the doctors?” Back in 2015 there was a controversy in the article “Medical Technology and Ethical Issues” between authors William E. Thompson and Joseph V. Hickey on the R.I.P system; which is a system that helps doctors make informed decisions about whether or not the patient will benefit from help. I agree and also disagree with the article. It provides many pros and cons in the use of the R.I.P system and how it will affect the overall health of patients.
“Medical Technologies and Ethical Issues” is mainly about the controversy between using the R.I.P system or letting the doctors make the ultimate decision on of the patients overall health. Some critics say that with the use of this system we as humans are completely letting go of human judgment and leaving this judgment solely to technology. People who support this topic for example sociologist state that without human judgment it eliminates any type of discrimination that could arise while examining the patient. Medical ethicist Arthur Caplan argues that computers will be wrong in about 5 percent of all cases. Supporters of the system say that it provides data and information that allow medical personnel to make more…

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