Medical Interventions And Its Effects On Women Essay

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Before the 1700 's, childbirth was primarily a domestic event, attended by midwives and female relatives. However, it has drastically changed as a technological approach to childbirth gained a momentum in the Western world. With each new technological invention, came new ways to test and analyze the process of a childbirth. The strong push towards utilizing precautionary medical procedures during childbirth - such as electronic fetal monitoring, amniocentesis, epidurals and C-section- and whether or not these medical interventions actually do a disservice to pregnant women and their childbirth experience is currently the topic of discussion It is agreed that in specific emergent situations, these precautionary methods are necessary as they can improve health outcomes and even save lives. Yet, these medical interventions seem to be more often administered to low-risk women of middle and high class.
The recent push towards medicalizing childbirth can be attributed to several reasons: the racialization and gendered selection of medical personnel have socially constructed childbirth risks, using medical interventions as ultimate decider of women’s biological abilities and as a method of monetary gains. However, medicalization of childbirth does not affect every woman. There were many mothers who have resisted to use any of the medical interventions and chose to have natural births at homes.
Social Construction of Childbirth Risks In the late 1800 's, the development of more…

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