Medical Camps

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She stood at the foot of the bed admiring his lean, but muscular body and how his erect cock invited her in. She licked her lips as she slowly crept onto the bed, straddling his legs and running her hands up his thighs. When she finally reached his manhood, she allowed her hands to stroke his pelvis, being careful to only allow an occasional brush up against his shaft or sack. It was her turn to tease him, to get him back for what he done to her.
She could tell he was frustrated because his cock throbbed slightly, squeezing out a bead of his juices. She licked her lips in anticipation and went in. She used her tongue on the tip of his head, swirling it around it and allowing it to slightly push past her lips. While her tongue went to work
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CR-227 was solely responsible for the deaths of billions of humans, thrusting society into the dark ages. The only hope for people was a vaccine, but the vaccine was only being distributed at medical camps. The deal was that you could receive a dose, but you must remain in the camps for further testing and observation. Reasons for this were unknown, but people had no choice but to agree to the terms.
Medical camps were owned, organized, and ran by a large pharmaceutical company known as Conatral. They were best known for their failed drugs and unethical testing practices, but again, no one had a choice to believe in their vaccines.
May 2025, Stella arrived in a small medical camp in the north with her mother and father. Upon entering the facilities, they were stripped of all their belongings, including the clothes they were wearing. Men in hazmat suits guided them from station to station. The first stop was the group showers; here they were scrubbed from head to toe with searing water and harsh
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Stella was told that she would be receiving her does now, but because of her genetic structure, she would need to come back later and receive a second dose. Little did she know that it was only a trick to test a more sinister drug.
The evaluation was a standard physical. They checked each of her vitals and visually inspected for any signs of infection. When she was finished being checked, she was led out of the room and back with the general population. Here they received new clothes and all the items they would need while they stayed there. The clothes all looked the same; they were white medical garbs. Essentially they got only one shirt, one pair of pants, and one pair of slippers. They were not provided with any undergarments.
After they had received their clothes and basic hygiene goods, they were led into the room in which they would all sleep. The room was full of standard bunks, the kind that the military probably used. There were no private areas of the room, even the toilets and showers were in open view of everyone else. “This place is disgusting,” thought Stella, looking at her parents. They had the same look as she did; the look of

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