Media 's Influence On Youth Essay

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During the 1980’s there was an upward trend in youth arrest rates which was largely contributed to armed teens and crack cocaine. This can be explained by the introduction of crack cocaine in the mid 1980’s, which turned youth drug use into an issue. Crack cocaine was inexpensive, plentiful, and massively addicting. Some of the effects of the drug were gang warfare and increased homicide rate amount the youths.
It can be seen that there were more teens becoming a drug peddler spreading the new narcotic around the block. Where would teens get the idea that becoming a drug peddler and carrying a gun were a good path to go down? Did they believe that it made them cool or hip? If we look at the media being shown on televisions and theaters during the time period, we might be able to deduce that media played a hand in portraying crimes as central themes in their movies and advertisements.
There is a risk of a youth being exposed to PG-13 or R-rated movies that have a heavy drug influence as the main theme of the movie. This can lead to the mindset that drugs can be cool. One of the most notorious films from the 1980’s is Scarface, which is about a Cuban immigrant named Tony, who is in a Miami refugee camp. Wanting to get a green card and move up in the world, Tony sets out to use drugs, weapons such as handguns and heavy machine guns, violence, and intimidation to exterminate the competition or anyone who stood in his way. It is worth noting that Tony was gunned down at the end…

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